Toilet cover device method, toilet cover features

Time:2020-06-05 13:12:02

In the cold winter, the toilet cover has become a must-have for every family. When the toilet cover is transferred to people's lives, it brings intimate warmth to our family, but many people do not understand the installation of the toilet cover method.

Installation method of toilet cover

It's just that the installation method of the toilet cover is very simple. You just have to put the toilet cover under the toilet cover and fix it in the circle in the middle of the toilet cover. The roll without the hard ring goes through the toilet ring as a whole, and then the toilet cover is reversed. On the top, you can also put the cover from the toilet seat to the outside, but there is a hard rubber ring on the cover. We can return the rubber ring to the inside of the seat plate, and then turn the bra up around the seat plate. With rubber bands on the sides, you can hold it tightly!

Free choice of toilet seat

  When choosing the toilet cover freely, in addition to the texture, comfort and thick and soft, and high toilet mats should also be considered, which will make the toilet feel flatter and make the bowel movement more comfortable. If the toilet seat is smooth, it is easier for people to sit up and turn again, and it will collapse, which is very uncomfortable, so when choosing a toilet seat freely, these are the most important.

Toilet seat performance

  Toilet cover has good breathability, anti-mildew, moisture-proof, deodorant and other effects. Many people like to choose cotton toilet seats freely, pointing out that cotton is skin-friendly and comfortable, but this is wrong, and it is easier to breed bacteria.

Toilet cover model

Some people will remember to look at the type of toilet in their home when they are free to choose the toilet cover, which will make it impossible to buy it. Today's toilet mats are generally divided into O-type and U-type, so when buying toilet sets You must understand your toilet model first, and then purchase your favorite toilet cushion style and brand based on the model.

Selection of toilet seat

  Toilet covers are items that are often touched in life. Some details cannot be ignored, which will cause harm to our health, because bacteria are more likely to be generated on the toilet cover. Therefore, the general toilet cover will be free to choose antibacterial and breathable. The toilet cover made of bamboo charcoal, fiber, leather and other materials can meet this requirement.